Arcadia Club | global crowdfunding for all.

Arcadia Club is a place for our little-big ideas, where people around the world can crowdfund passion projects via the Stellar platform.

Nora is a young child from New Zealand with a heart that can inspire anyone… she has a simple plan: collect her own pots, soil, and seeds; grow a collection of vegetable plants; and, harvest the new seeds for donation to her local community. With Nora’s guidance, everyone can learn how to grow their own food.

Yet, there is problem: fundraising. Nora needs $32 NZD (~$23 USD) to begin her venture.


June 2020


I met the budding entrepreneur at a digital convention over the summer— Festival for the Future —where over 1000 attendees from 50+ countries all gathered around their warmed CPUs to figure out how to help the world get out of its current predicament. The novel coronavirus was only a few months new; stay-at-home orders were in full effect; and— at the very same time —cities across the globe erupted in protest and riots for the murder of George Floyd. Everything bad was happening at once and, for us mere mortals at the conference, we all seemed quite small in the face of insurmountable challenge. That was why Nora’s passion was so striking for us; her idea was simple with a true sense of innocence.

We all wanted to help Nora: myself in the United States, a boy from Nigeria, two ladies from Germany and the UK. Who wouldn’t help a kid with a dream? Yet, we couldn’t. Cross-border payments in small quantities still run on an archaic system of slow processing times, disproportional fees, and unwieldy UI/UX. To wire transfer $23 USD to Nora in New Zealand via WorldRemit it would take about two days with a $3.99 fee; OFX has the same processing time but with a $10.00 fee.

The technology to streamline this process exists with Stellar. We can get Nora— and anyone with a small dream —the money they need in seconds with truly minuscule fees. We can help people take their first steps in changing their world for the better. All that needs to exist, is a brand the technology provider, users, and their governments can trust to perform the job with integrity.


Arcadia Club

A micro-crowdfunding platform for our little big ideas. Looking to pick up your first art easel and painting kit? What about an electric piano and stand to learn how to play? A community service initiative? A research project for class? Your first camera? Whatever passionate idea you want to begin, you can start the journey on Arcadia Club. But--

How does it work?

With an idea in-mind, you would go onto the app and make a pitch to the world. You share yourself, and why you want to start this new journey: why is this important to you? How will it help you and your community grow? How will you share what you learn, and what will you do next?

Your pitch is showcased on an interactive 3D map of Earth. Here, people can explore and discover how everyone is working to change their communities for the better.

One person likes your idea and follows for updates. Another shares it on their social feeds. A third person, however, comes along and truly loves your vision and passion and character. They want to see you succeed.

They tap a single button to send a few cents your way.

That small engagement pushes your project upward. More people see it; some pass but others continue the trend and donate to you and your dreams. They leave notes of encouragements, artists in the same field give you invaluable tips, and you respond back. These conversations algorithmically boost your project further on the world stage and naturally cultivates a community of your own. In Arcadia Club, positivity and constructive feedback wins the day.

A short time passes, your goal is reached and the funds are released. You initiate the transfer and— thanks to Stellar —your reward is in your digital wallet in seconds.


Global Crowdfunding


Arcadia Club is a facilitator for micro-money transfers from one wallet to another. What makes it special— and what will attract the world to join the club —is the inherent brand and mission (plus the clean/easy-to-use UI/X, very important).


The platform can be used by anyone, but at-launch Arcadia Club is specifically targeting youth and young adult project creators: fresh dreamers and people solidifying their passions. A smartphone or computer is required to join. However, globally, Arcadia Club will create public/private outreach programs to teach cryptocurrency, how to work with the technology, and how people can utilize Arcadia Club to benefit themselves and their communities. We will target both high wealth and developing areas from Africa to Asia, South America and everywhere in-between. As the service ramps up, this will become a global campaign for giving back.

On the flip-side, Arcadia Club will target the in-built crypto community to join the ranks of donors. Not only are they already-knowledgeable about the technology, but they also have a vested interest in seeing the platform succeed. Arcadia Club’s targeted marketing to youth and young adults, with it’s for-purpose mission, can be a powerful poster child for the potential of cryptocurrency to change the world. As Arcadia Club grows in public trust, the founding donors will have played a part in cryptocurrency's rise in public awareness and efficacy.

Additional outreach-marketing will include PR campaigns with eye-catching headlines relating cryptocurrency and Stellar with humanitarianism and positive change. Further project funding— after receiving the generous Seed Fund Grant —will include a national crowdfunding campaign run by a tried-and-true communications and marketing consultancy firm to get Arcadia Club in the hearts and minds of whomever interested, allowing the platform’s public launch to be impactful.

Grants and Income

Further uses for the grant fund will be to build out a robust, diverse leadership team: people passionate about the project, technology, and mission with a keen heart for teamwork. Marketing materials, branding, wireframes, storyboards, and the initial prototypes will be funded via the Stellar Grant as well, at the least.

In the early days income will be derived by low fees- pennies to dollars -on every successful project funding. Arcadia Club will expand to offer a subscription model for expanded/niche features ($1/month or $10/year) allowing for the creation of a digital/gamified cosmetic economy via a tokenized currency (+e-commerce fees per transaction). Brand partnerships, and marketing dollars or tax credits earned via public investment are two additional avenues in the initial year.

Our Future Earth

Over the coming years, Arcadia Club will expand into new avenues of business including global e-commerce, hospitality and real estate, live-streamed entertainment, backend tele-health, gamification and gamified interactions, tokenization for in-app trading and currency, a full social media buildout, brand partnerships, news, emergency, culture, and education. Each expansion builds out the business model as well, allowing for new avenues of growth and income. Brief descriptions of each can be found on the website.

Looking back at Nora, I realize that none of us can change the world overnight. But, if we try and do good at the local level— one step at a time —we can make a positive impact on our world. One that reverberates in waves and provides a light of hope for generations to come.

With Arcadia Club, we can cultivate a new generation of diverse artists and thinkers and pioneers; we can get the ball rolling towards a brighter tomorrow. One where creativity, positivity, open-mindedness, and a push for collective growth takes the forefront.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or comments. You can also check out the website at for a semi-tldr (and much more colorful!) version of the above.

Have an awesome day and night, and thank you for your time.


December 19th, 2020 9:07am Los Angeles, CA